Obsidian 插件分享(持续更新)

  • Tag Wrangler
    • 对标签进行操作,比如重命名、合并、搜索
  • Clear Unused Images
    • 删除没被引用的图片
  • Better footnote
    • 用弹出式窗口显示脚注,不用跳转了
  • Sliding Panes
    • This plugin changes the way panes in the main workspace are handled — inspired by the UI of Andy Matuschak's notes.
  • Calendar
    • This plugin for Obsidian creates a simple Calendar view for visualizing and navigating between your daily notes.
  • Recent Files
    • This plugin displays a list of most recently opened files in the sidebar.
  • Settings Search
    • This plugin adds global search to the Obsidian settings.




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